Monday, March 1, 2010

K.J. Portrait Studio© - Modeling

I wrapped up my week with yet another photo shoot on Sunday. Here are some pictures from the shoot, if you like what you see please leave me a comment or visit K.J. Studio website at


  1. Sweet Liz, the truth is it depends what you want from this shoot. I don't like the black shirt with the black background you are lost in the background....just as the grey sweater with the white background. There are a few pictures here that will work for you depending on what you want done. I would suggest doing a composite card & actually creating different characters with different costumes. To me you are a character actress so you should play it up. For the front of a comp. card pick a tight shoot with a big smile...

    Hope this helps.



  2. Thanks Bill for your words of wisdom. I have some thinking to do :)




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